Happy HerbsThe daily grind of life can be hard enough, but when you add in extra appointments and issues that cause stress, staying happy and on top of things can become difficult. You may not be feeling like yourself, or worse, find yourself starting to become depressed.

Unfortunately, the longer this goes on, the harder it can be to come back from these unhappy feelings caused by daily stress. If this sounds like you, and the way you are feeling, here are some ‘happy’ herbs that help promote calmness and happiness as you go about your day.


When you think of herbs that help with mood, it is common to come up with something like St. John’s Wort. Although it is great for stabilizing your mood over a longer term, Passionflower is an alternative that gets to work immediately and help calm you down right away.

While calm is different to happy, the two are definitely interconnected. It is difficult (if not impossible) to be happy without being calm, so Passionflower is a great step in achieving a calmer, happier state.

The calming effects of Passionflower allow you to step back away from daily issues and stress to find your happy place again. It creates a space of calm from which you can then move forward in a happier frame of mind. Think of it like putting yourself in the eye of the storm, waiting for it to pass, and then getting back on with it. Though this may not work for everyone, it can be helpful for those experiencing issues of dealing with chaos and being able to remove themselves from it.


Mentioning cannabis is honestly not a joke. In fact, it is being prescribed by doctors in states where it has been legalized to help with anxiety and depression. Cannabis is seen as a real (and natural) alternative to prescription medication that definitely works for some people.

The benefits of Cannabis can be achieved when it is taken in small doses to help reduce stress and improve mood. It is also helps to cope with issues that lead to anxiety and sadness.


Chamomile is great towards the end of the day if you are feeling unhappy or depressed. The flowers of the plant are dried and used to make Chamomile tea which is great before bed.

During the day it can be used as a tincture in small doses. The tincture can be added to tea, other drinks or taken straight. The Chamomile flower will help overcome feelings of overwhelm, calm your nerves thus reducing feelings of sadness and depression.


The most common of the ‘happy’ herbs is Valerian root which calms, soothes and triggers happiness. It is readily available in most health food stores in a variety of forms – liquid, capsule, tea and whole herb. Try whichever suits you best.

It can also be given to young children who are suffering mild depression. This should be done under the watchful eye of a doctor or trained professional.


In trying these ‘happy’ herbs, it is best to start with one that appeals to you. It might do the trick, and if not, mix it with others or try a different one.

For example, you might like to take some passionflower during the day, followed by a Chamomile tea at night. You may find that you need to try a few options before you come up with the best solution that works for you.

It is also a good idea to keep a journal of what you have tried, how you felt and if there was a difference with each method. This makes it easy to remember what worked so you can use it again when needed.