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Author: Carolyn

What You Need To Make And Enjoy A Herbal Bath Tea

  Herbs not only have a long list of benefits, but there are also so many ways to enjoy them. Apart from using them as medicine, cooking with them or making herbal tea, you can also use them in the bath! Herbal baths are often referred to as herbal bath ‘teas’ because the herbs are steeped in water like when making herbal tea. They are great for both relaxation and medicinal reasons. Here’s an overview of what goes into a herbal bath tea and how to make your own. What Goes in a┬áHerbal Bath Tea Just like a herbal...

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Knock Out Your Pain With These 4 Herbs

  No-one likes pain as it can make life miserable. So it is important to be able to manage your pain fast and effectively. Interestingly, pain is often the leading reason people turn to natural remedies. If this is you, it is no doubt due one of the following reasons. to use something you already have in their home. a financial need because prescription medicine and doctor visits are too costly. a desire to avoid putting chemicals into your body and instead use a simple, natural solution for your pain. Regardless of the reason, the key aspect of pain...

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How To Make Herb Infused Honey In 3 Simple Steps

  If you have been using herbal remedies and natural medicine at all, then no doubt you already know about the power of using honey. Honey can be used in many ways to benefit your health. It can also be included in daily beauty routines and diy skincare products. What you may not know is that you can increase the potency of honey. By infusing honey with different herbs the medicinal properties it provides increase. This is actually a simple process and can be done at home using herbs based on the remedy and need. Let’s take a look...

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How To Easily Make Herbal Tinctures At Home

  Tinctures are a healing mixture commonly used in herbal medicine. You may have seen them in herbology shops, health food stores or herbal medicine books. These liquids are generally very potent and used to combat specific issues. They can contain one herb or a mix of different herbs and plants. Tinctures are usually taken as a few drops on the tongue or mixed with water and taken orally. The good news is that making tinctures is not difficult at all. They are a good way to use up plants found in abundance in your area. Here’s how to...

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Herbal Tea vs Tisane – What Is The Difference?

  When you begin using herbs, one of the many ways you can enjoy them is by making teas and tisanes. This is simple enough as most herbs can be dried and mixed with green or black tea. Alternatively, they can be taken as a pure tea on their own. Before you begin brewing, there is a difference between teas and tisanes that it’s important to know. Here are a few key points to help you differentiate between the two.     What Goes Into Herbal Teas and Tisanes The first and most important aspect that determines if you...

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