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Author: Carolyn

How to Make Herbal Bath Bombs at Home

  Bath bombs are not only fun, they are a great way to improve your skin while taking a bath. Plus, the ingredients included will often help to relax the body and mind as well. They are called ‘bombs’ because once they hit the water, they start to break apart and fizz. Most of them are scented, some will have bits and pieces inside e.g flower petals and others will add color to the water. Because bath bombs are so fun and colorful, kids love them. They are a great way to entice any child who doesn’t like the...

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Happy Herbs – Try These for Happiness and Calm

The daily grind of life can be hard enough, but when you add in extra appointments and issues that cause stress, staying happy and on top of things can become difficult. You may not be feeling like yourself, or worse, find yourself starting to become depressed. Unfortunately, the longer this goes on, the harder it can be to come back from these unhappy feelings caused by daily stress. If this sounds like you, and the way you are feeling, here are some ‘happy’ herbs that help promote calmness and happiness as you go about your day. Passionflower When you...

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Herbal Teas – 8 of The Best for Better Health

  Tea has been used for centuries to help promote health and wellness. It actually had its debut in the medicinal sense in the ancient times of China and Japan. It was a popular drink – not only for the delightful taste it provided – but for offering health benefits as well. The process of preparing and drinking tea in itself is also something many people enjoy. Today, the popularity of tea and tisanes continues to rise. There are many different varieties and blends available. Each has its own unique taste and benefits, so there is something for everyone. There...

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3 Best Herbs To Stop Insomnia And Sleep Better

  There may be some people who can survive on a small number of hours sleep each night. But the majority of us need a good 6-8 hours to be performing at our best. A lack of sleep means you are placing significant stress on your body. And long term it can have significant health implications. Insomnia is a horrible condition that can disrupt sleep for people in many ways. There are five main types of insomnia that people suffer from: • Acute Insomnia – Brief episodes of difficulty sleeping usually triggered by stressful life events that resolve without...

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How To Get The Best Results From A Natural Poultice

  Using a natural poultice is a great way to treat certain conditions. It’s similar to a compress, but instead of using a liquid, the plant material itself is used. A poultice is can help with healing sore muscles, skin issues, or forms of pain. It is often used warm and contains selected herbs for the condition being treated. How To Prepare A Natural Poultice To prepare a poultice, chop or grind your chosen herb/s finely and simmer them in a small amount of water. Once the herb thickens to a paste or jelly, remove from heat. Now you...

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